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WooCommerce Product Vendors v2.1.52 Free Download

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WooCommerce Product Vendors Nulled Download Free
WooCommerce Product Vendors Free Download

WooCommerce Product Vendors Free Download
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Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name WooCommerce Product Vendors v2.1.52 Free Download
Version 2.1.52 (Latest Version)
Update 08 June, 2021
Sales Page/Demo WooCommerce Product Vendors Sales Page/Demo
Category WooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Woocommerce.com (Vendor: WooCommerce)
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With WooCommerce Product Vendors WordPress Plugin, you can turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Do you have an existing site and a loyal community and want to find ways to diversify your income? Or do you want to start an ecommerce business without having to invest in creating your own line of products? With product providers for WooCommerce, you can instantly transform a store powered by WooCommerce into a complete marketplace with multiple suppliers, products and payment settings.

Allow multiple providers to sell through your site and, in return, take a sales commission to cover site management costs while you focus on building a community.


Why to Choose WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin ?

1. Create a market that can sell anything. From handcrafted physical products to digital downloads like photographs, themes, fonts, audio or video and even time-based bookings with our integration with WooCommerce Bookings.

2. Continue to sell your own products. Display vendor products for sale right next to your own products.

3. Set supplier-specific commission rates. Encourage new suppliers to join your market or reward loyal or high income with supplier-specific commission rates – while setting a separate base commission rate in your market.

4. Minimize your administrator. Authorize suppliers to manage their own products. Give suppliers the opportunity to manage their own products.

5. Do not pay commissions on unfinished orders. Define the commissions to be assigned only to suppliers once the order is completed.

6. Stay on top of your market with sales reports. Get an overview of vendor sales, commissions and monthly revenue by vendor.

7. Delay the payment of commissions to take account of returns. Use PayPal Payouts to delay payment of commissions if you return physical products.


Product Vendors caters for both vendors and marketplace owners with specific features that ensure:

Vendors can:

  • control their public profile
  • manage their products and edit per-product shipping rules themselves
  • add private notes to orders or notes to customers (e.g. tracking numbers)
  • view their orders and reports on sales performance
  • sell physical and/or digital products as well as time-based bookings
  • receive commission payouts

Marketplace owners can:

  • accept and approve applications from potential vendors
  • set up one or more vendor admins to manage vendor’s information
  • set up each vendor’s commission and payout schedule
  • integrate with WooCommerce Bookings to allow vendors to sell time-based bookings
  • display a vendor rating composed of the ratings of all of the products they sell
  • set products to need approval before being added to the store on a per-vendor basis
  • enable commissions on sales to be a set amount or a percentage and set this individually, per-vendor, per-product, or per-store
  • make payments to vendors instantly, manually, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly


WooCommerce Product Vendors Features: –

Supplier Registration Form
Sellers can register and / or apply by filling out a registration form expressing their interest in selling in your shop, and they can be accepted and approved per application.

Send Approval Emails to Sellers
You can now notify potential sellers when their application has been approved by sending an email directly to their inbox.

Multiple Supplier Settings
Choose from multiple vendor role settings including Vendor Admin (has access to all vendor settings) and Vendor Manager (limited access, cannot see sales tax or other settings).

Functional Vendor Management
Set up one or more WooCommerce users to manage the seller’s information including profile, email address and logo.

Intuitive Management of the Commission List
Commissions on sales can be a set amount (e.g. $ 5 on each purchase) or a percentage (e.g. 25% of each sale) – you can set this individually per seller, per product, or per store.

Manage Orders, Shipments and Customer Notes
Product suppliers have built-in per-product shipping and the ability to add private notes or notes for customers (e.g. tracking numbers).

Selective Display of Supplier Information
Turn your store into a real marketplace by selectively displaying each seller’s name, name per product, overall rating, profile photo and profile information.

Manage Withdrawal Settings
Payments to sellers can be instant (this is only one setting per seller and uses PayPal Payouts *), manual, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.



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