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WooCommerce PDF Watermark v1.2.1 Free Download

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WooCommerce PDF Watermark Free Download
WooCommerce PDF Watermark Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name WooCommerce PDF Watermark v1.2.1 Free Download
Version 1.2.1 (Latest Version)
Update 17 June, 2020
Category WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Woocommerce.com (Vendor: WooCommerce)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

The WooCommerce PDF Watermark Extension is the ultimate PDF protection extension you will ever need to protect and secure your eBooks and other PDF downloads through WooCommerce.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark has a number of features that ensure that your PDF files are protected by giving you the option to place image or text watermarks on your PDF file downloads.

In addition to text and image watermarks, there are also other important PDF protection features included in the extension such as: For example, you can protect your PDF file downloads with a password, prohibit copying, prohibit modification, and prohibit the printing of any of your eBooks or PDF files.

With WooCommerce PDF Watermarks you can define text or image watermarks on either a global, product or variation level, which means that you have the greatest control over which watermarks you want to place on which products. The text watermarks can be personalized based on the customer who purchased the product using a template tag system. These tags are also extensible so if we don’t have a specific tag you want, then you can easily add it yourself.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark was also designed with extensibility in mind so that you can easily expand functionality via the series of hooks included in the extension.


WooCommerce PDF Watermark Features: –

Add a text watermark to your store’s PDF files:
With WooCommerce PDF Watermark, you can easily add a written watermark to any PDF content on your website. After entering the text, you can adjust the font, size and position to your liking.

Add an image watermark to your store’s PDF files:
Promote your brand by adding your logo or other image to your store’s PDFs. Simply enter the URL of the image in the plugin’s settings and the plugin will take care of the rest. Easily adjust the opacity, position and alignment of your image watermark.

Protect PDF documents from being copied:
Prevent users from copying text or images from your store’s PDF documents. The plugin smooths images and text so that they can no longer be extracted from the document.

Protect PDF documents from printing:
Block unauthorized printing of your shop’s PDF documents. If this setting is active, the printing function will not work when viewing the PDF document.

Protect PDF documents against unauthorized changes:
Your shop’s PDFs and e-books should remain your property. Turn on Change Protection to prevent others from editing your PDF documents and removing watermarks.

Choose which pages you want the watermark to appear on:
You might just want to display a watermark on the first or last pages of your PDF documents. This plugin allows you to change where these watermarks appear.



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