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WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO v3.2.7 Free Download

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WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO Free Download
WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO v3.2.7 Free Download
Version 3.2.7 (Latest Version)
Update 19 June, 2021
Category WooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Soft79.nl (Vendor: Soft 79)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Extended coupon and discount functionality for WooCommerce. This plugin is used in more than 20,000 shops worldwide!

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO” is an easy-to-use WordPress / WooCommerce plugin that extends the WooCommerce coupon system with additional functions.

The functionality is conveniently integrated into the standard WooCommerce coupon control panel, so the plugin is extremely easy to use.


Automatic discounts

Create discounts that are automatically applied to the customer’s cart when certain conditions are met.

Just configure a coupon like you always would and check the “Automatic Coupon” box. The discount is displayed to the user based on the description you entered.

For example: automatically apply a discount of € 2.50 when the cart reaches € 40.00 as shown in the screenshot.

Give away free products

Create coupons or automatic discounts that add one or more free products to the customer’s cart when the restrictions are met. The product is displayed as a normal item in the shopping cart, but with the addition “Free!” instead of the price.

Optionally, you can let customers choose between various free products.

Limit discount to certain products only

The ‘Limit discount’-option allows you to:

  • Limit only the cheapest item in the cart.
  • Discount every nth item; for example: Every 3rd item 50% discount.
  • Limit discount to only 1 item per order-line.

Extended coupon restrictions

  • Restrict coupon by shipping method,
  • Restrict coupon by payment method,
  • Restrict coupon by customer credentials or customer role
  • Restrict coupon by a combination of products (e.g. buy both A and B and get 20% off!)
  • Restrict coupon by amount of matching products (e.g. buy three products from category C and get a free product!)

Apply coupon using an url

Now you can easily create a link that will automatically apply a coupon to the user’s cart, optionally in combination with a product.

Simply append ?apply_coupon=coupon_code to the url. If you also want to add products to the cart with the same url, you can use add-to-cart=product_id and optionally a quantity. Example:


You can find the id of a product on the WooCommerce Products-page.



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