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W3 Total Cache Pro v2.1.4 Free Download

by FreeGPL
W3 Total Cache Pro Nulled Download Free
W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin v2.1.4 Free Download
Version 2.1.4 (Latest Version)
Update 21 June, 2021
Category WordPress Cache Plugin
Selling Platform w3-edge.com (Vendor: W3 EDGE)
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W3 Total Cache Pro builds upon the Community (free) version of W3 Total Cache and adds features that will be interesting to any publisher who’s serious about running a successful website. W3 Total Cache Pro features Fragment Caching Social layer, personalization and e-commerce etc are common elements of highly dynamic web sites. That means that caching entire pages to improve user experience and performance is not a solution. Fragment Caching bridges the gap between no caching at all and the “ideal,” full page caching. By extending the WordPress Transient API, W3TC allows developers to bring both horizontal and vertical scale to bear without doing anything differently.

Extension Framework As mentioned above, extensions / add-ons represent a great opportunity to both de-bloat projects that solve many problems or address many use cases. It also allows for innovation as 3rd parties can make contributions without having to be a core project developer to contribute or solve their problems while maintaining the control they need.


W3 Total Cache Pro Features: –

10x speed improvement
Once properly configured, W3 Total Cache Pro can provide a 10x improvement (according to Google PageSpeed Insights) in a website’s overall performance.

Easy to set up with any hosting
Generally compatible with most shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans. Easy installation and configuration.

Includes support for mobile devices
W3 Total Cache speeds up your WordPress website regardless of how your users access it. Mobile visitors get the same lightning-fast speeds as desktop visitors.

The ultimate WordPress caching plugin
W3 Total Cache is a plugin that grows with you. To begin with, most websites need to implement page caching and browser caching, and W3 Total Cache does that for you with a few simple clicks. As you grow, so do your caching needs. And W3TC will be there for you.

WordPress site caching
Page caching for your WordPress website is one of the most important things you can do to speed up your website. W3 Total Cache does this for you, quickly and easily, and offers you several options for disk and RAM-based storage such as Redis or Memcached.

Static file compression
Regardless of whether your server has Brotli or Gzip compression installed, W3 Total Cache can take advantage of both to ensure that you are using as little bandwidth as possible while achieving the fastest page speed. Your website will load faster and more reliably with W3TC.

Images on demand (lazy loading)
With lazy loading, the images are only loaded when they are visible in the first rendering. This allows you to have richer, longer pages while keeping the page performing as quickly as possible.

Web server and stack compatibility
Use Apache, NGINX, or a combination of both to increase your page speed like never before. W3 Total Cache uses your web server to speed up your WordPress website like no other plugin on the market.

Complete delivery of the website via CDN
With full website delivery via the Content Delivery Network, your visitors will get the fastest possible response times for all content on your website, including HTML, media, CSS and JavaScript. When you host both your website and DNS with your provider, every component of your website is served over a worldwide network of servers. This results in better performance, especially when combined with other features such as browser cache, minification, fragment caching, and lazy loading.

Lazy loading for Google Maps
Accelerate loading time by optimizing Google Maps for your website visitors. Lazy loading ensures the map doesn’t load until it’s needed, which makes your site much faster.

Fragment caching
Fragment caching extends the core functionality of WordPress by allowing you to enable caching policies for groups of objects that are being cached. The advantage of this approach is not only that functions in themes and plugins can be optimized for the use of caching in order to save resources and reduce response times, but also that caching methods such as Memcached or Redis can be used for scaling. Instructions for use can be found in the FAQ under the Help menu or you can contact support for premium services to improve website performance.

WordPress Rest API Caching
If you’re using WordPress as a backend for integrations, API caching can be of interest to you. Similar to page caching, you benefit from significantly shorter response times for repeated requests and use fewer resources for provisioning. Save resources or increase the performance of the WordPress API today.

Eliminate render blocking CSS
Render-blocking CSS delays the timely display of a website. Each and every one of your css files will delay your page rendering. The bigger your css, the longer it takes for the page to load. With W3 Total Cache, you can eliminate the unneeded CSS the first time the page loads, making the page lightning fast!



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