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Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software v6.0 Free Download

by FreeGPL
Tradebox - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software Nulled Download Free
Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software Free Download


Type PHP Script (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software v6.0 Free Download
Version 6.0 (Latest Version)
Update 03 June, 2021
Category Codecanyon PHP Script
Selling Platform Codecanyon (Vendor: bdtask)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software is for Cryptocurrency Trade and Selling.even you can request for purchase and sale at a specific price. It has retreat and deposit option.

TradeBox is one of the best crypto feeding software. It deals with Krypto trade, buy sales, couple exchange and start.

What is a tradebox?
TradeBox is the ultimate KryptoTo Trading Platform Management System. It is almost an alternative to binary. It has both a front-end part and a back-end. Front End refers to an appealing website to explore your business. A trader can register on your platform and effortlessly use it.

Backend refers to Admin panel and it is designed to manage your crypto company. You can add your own coin and create a new market. It can also be used as a crypto feeder. If you receive TradeBox, you can manage your crypto trade, buy sales, exchange, etc. without any problems.

For whom is the TradeBox?
Entrepreneure: Entrepreneurs who dream of starting a new crypto trading business is TradeBox a finished platform for his / her.

KryptoTo Trading Platform Owner: TradeBox is a blessing for all digital currency traders who want to manage their platform and trading activities from a specific location. A trading platform owner who bought TradeBox can easily provide currency trading facilities for digital currency traders by replacing fees and so he can earn a large amount of money.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading Software?
Cryptocurrency is one of the largest revolutions in today’s world. It is known as a digital currency that is produced and managed by blockchain technology. Since it is the result of technology, there is a tremendous auto-set arithmetic logic encoding project (software) that is connected thereto. However, is the thousand dollar question, what is Cryptocurrency Trading Software?

KryptoTo Trading Software is a set of code designed to manage any aspect of the crypto shandel. As we know, the digital currency is a new innovation in our world economy as an alternative to physical currencies. Therefore, it has created a new capital market and a new trading business opportunity such as Forex trading. What is known as KryptoTow Trade? This business module is the function with crypto currency buy, sell, swap, couple exchange, analysis, investment, etc. The software that is made for handling these functions is called Cryptocurrency Trading Software.


Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software Features: –

  • #1 Trading platform on Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency buy and sell system
  • Exchange the coin
  • you can add your own coin
  • You can select given 2300 + Coins in the system
  • You can create Coin Market
  • You can Pair the Coin Market
  • Payment gateway added of Paypal, Payeer, Gourl,Stripe and mobile Money
  • Transaction Setup System
  • You can Limit your user of withdraw and transfer money
  • Here have live chat in exchange page
  • Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw
  • 100% Secure Payment and Trading System
  • Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard
  • Customer can see his open trade
  • Customer can see his trade history
  • Customer can withdraw or transfer money
  • And many More…





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