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SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM v2.4.0 Free Download

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SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM Free Download
SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM Free Download


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Name SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM v2.4.0 Free Download
Version 2.4.0 (Latest Version)
Update 20 May, 2021
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Sales is indeed the thriving need of any business. SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM is a business sales CRM tool that makes your complex sales activity much easier. Never again miss a meeting, offer or customer because of bad management. With SalesGo, you can show yourself at your best and add an ace to your sales card.

What to expect from SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM

  • The ease and feasibility bought in by an efficient dashboard layout cannot be undermined
  • You can manage multiple users by assigning roles and permissions to them
  • List and grid views to suit users of different needs
  • Easy management of different accounts of a firm
  • Manage numerous leads and opportunities through the Kanban board, allowing for easy changes
  • Easy management of quotes, sales orders, and invoices of different orders
  • Management of documents and campaigns relating to different aspects of sales
  • Available in multiple languages. It thereby facilitates global usability
  • Auto-generated and custom make reports for different sales activities


SalesGo SaaS – Business Sales CRM Features: –

Create plans and make payment- a special SAAS feature

With a super admin login, you can create plans that best suit your business model. Choose a suitable price and duration for the plan created. Make the payment through the Stripe and Paypal payment gateway. The plan will be deactivated if it is not renewed when it expires.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Do you think of sales and what do you think of? Sales, Leads, Invoices, Products, Opportunities, and Accounts? Well, you get an overall view of each of these items on a SalesGo dashboard. You will also receive a trend chart of invoices, offers and orders for a specific period. You will also find the individual overview of each of these elements broken down as a percentage with their respective status. Get important information through monthly, weekly and daily calendar charts. In addition, this dashboard shows you the most due tasks, meeting schedules and monthly meetings. All in all, you can find all the important sales details under one head.

Manage role permissions

With SalesGo you can create new roles and assign permissions to them accordingly.

  • This is a multi-user system. You can add as many users as you wish by adding in their requisite details. Assign the roles to these users and manage their status.
  • Additionally, you can add stream comments and attach files with these comments.
  • Lastly, you can view, edit and delete the tasks assigned to these users. Assign task stage, priority, and start and due date to these tasks.

Parental settings

Assign contacts

Manage contacts easily by saving all important details under one tab. At this point, assign a user to an account.

Lead management

Lead management is undeniably the crucial part of sales activity. Well, you can opt for either a Kanban or a list view, whichever suits you. You can also change the status of leads by simply dragging and dropping them. Edit existing leads, add stream comments to them, and assign tasks to leads.

Manage opportunities

Again available in the Kanban view, this function allows you to concentrate on important interested parties. Assign users, probability, levels, lead source and amount to these opportunities and make informed decisions.

Client Accounts

As a sales-oriented software, SalesGo does indeed have advanced features for customer management. View all the details of the customers and also the users assigned to them. Add new accounts to the database by filling in all the required information. Edit existing account information if necessary and add stream comments. Easily view, edit, and delete contacts, opportunities, issues, documents, and tasks assigned to these accounts. In short: manage all aspects of a single account from here.

Manage product list

Indeed the important component that makes selling easier, it is important that your product list includes all of the essential details. From here you can manage the availability status and pricing of the products.

Quotes, sales order, and Invoice

Send a quote, receive an order, and send an invoice. Well, that’s pretty much the cycle of every organization out there. Manage every aspect of this cycle individually through SalesGo. Know the status, amount, assigned user, creation date and other important information in a list yourself. You can also opt for a grid view, whichever suits you. Some special functions among them are

  • Printing of sales order and invoice
  • Add new items to existing sales orders and invoices.
  • Get an overview of each quote, sales order, and invoice.

Manage queries/cases

After all, there is no point in sales if we cannot resolve the inquiries. Manage the cases by creating cases and assigning them status, priority and users.

Manage everyday activities

It’s difficult to keep track of to-do lists without timely reminders on them. Manage your calls, meetings, and tasks by adding them to the calendar, which in turn appears on the dashboard.

Tasks management

Assign tasks to either a case, opportunity, contact, lead, or account. Also assign task level, user, timeline and attachments for detailed information. Tasks make achieving the desired goal easy.

Call management

Schedule your calls and manage them effectively by planning them well in advance.


Receive automatically generated reports for a sales order, invoice, offer and leads analysis. You can customize these reports for any time period by filtering various parameters.

System Settings

From the brand logo to the permissions and default settings, you control every aspect of this tool here. SalesGo is available in multiple languages to enable global usage.





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