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GamiPress All Add-ons + 9 Icons Pack Free Download

by FreeGPL
GamiPress All Add-ons + 9 Icons Pack Free Download
GamiPress All Add-ons Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name GamiPress All Add-ons + 9 Icons Pack Free Download
Version N/A (Latest Version)
Update 05 July, 2022
Category GamiPress Addons WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Gamipress.com (Vendor: GamiPress)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

The easiest way to gamify your WordPress website, for free.

GamiPress allows you to reward your users with digital rewards for interacting with your WordPress website.

GamiPress is the most comprehensive gamification system that not only supports WordPress websites, but also enables website owners to create an interactive environment that will make them loyal and expand their participation. All Access Pass is the best way to start building your own gamification strategy.

GamiPress combines three of the most powerful reward systems you can add to your website: –

Points types to automatically reward your users for interacting with your website.

Achievement types to reward users for completing all requests, sequentially or otherwise.

Rank types to help your users advance through the ranks by fulfilling all rank requirements.


FooEvents Calendar Features: –

  • Automatic point allocation and deduction
    Easily configure automatic ways to add or subtract points from your users.
  • Custom requirements:
    Define conditional requirements that the user must meet in order to unlock a service or a rank.
  • Time limit requirements
    Limit the amount of time the user can meet a specific requirement (every minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).
  • Drag-and-drop controls
    Powerful controls to set up your gamification environment in minutes.
  • Social sharing
    Users can share the achievements and ranks they have achieved on any social network of their choice.
  • Emails
    Your users will be automatically notified of new awards.
  • Logs
    Flexible log system with support for public and private logs.
  • Unlock achievements and ranks with points
    Allow users to optionally unlock any achievements or ranks by consuming a certain number of points without meeting the requirements.
  • Compatible with Open Badges
    Link your Site Achievements to Badgr or Credly to issue Open Badges as official recognition of your users’ skills.
  • Blocks, Shortcodes & Widgets
    WordPress friendly blocks, shortcodes and widgets to show the user’s points wallet, achievements earned, recent logs and more.
  • Live shortcode embedder
    Are you missing a shortcode parameter? Just hit the “Insert GamiPress Shortcode” button and set up any shortcode you want without worrying.
  • GDPR support
    Support for exporting and deleting personal data in WordPress.
  • Templates system
    Overwritable template system so you can customize anything you want through your GamiPress theme folder.
  • Data centralization on multisite
    Centralize all data on multisite installations and show anything you want on any subpage.
  • Developer friendly
    GamiPress is extremely flexible with lots of hooks to add your own features and functionality.


List of Included Addons: –

  • GamiPress – Admin Emails
  • GamiPress – Conditional Emails
  • GamiPress – Conditional Notifications
  • GamiPress – Coupons
  • GamiPress – Daily Login Rewards
  • GamiPress – Easy Digital Downloads Discounts
  • GamiPress – Easy Digital Downloads Partial Payments
  • GamiPress – Easy Digital Downloads Points Gateway
  • GamiPress – Email Digests
  • GamiPress – Fitness Icons Pro
  • GamiPress – Flat Badges Pro
  • GamiPress – Flat Medals Pro
  • GamiPress – Frontend Reports
  • GamiPress – Gems Icons Pro
  • GamiPress – Leaderboards
  • GamiPress – Learning Icons Pro
  • GamiPress – Military Ranks Pro
  • GamiPress – Notifications
  • GamiPress – Points Exchanges
  • GamiPress – Points Limits
  • GamiPress – Points Payouts
  • GamiPress – Points Types Pro
  • GamiPress – Progress
  • GamiPress – Progress Map
  • GamiPress – Purchases
  • GamiPress – Referrals
  • GamiPress – Reports
  • GamiPress – Rest API Extended
  • GamiPress – Restrict Content
  • GamiPress – Restrict Unlock
  • GamiPress – Social Share
  • GamiPress – Star Badges Pro
  • GamiPress – Sticker Icons Pro
  • GamiPress – Time-based Rewards
  • GamiPress – Transfers
  • GamiPress – Trophy Icons Pro
  • GamiPress – WooCommerce Discounts
  • GamiPress – WooCommerce Partial Payments
  • GamiPress – WooCommerce Points Gateway
  • GamiPress – Zapier



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