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Featured Image from URL Premium v5.7.7 WordPress Plugin Free Download

by FreeGPL
Featured Image from URL Premium – WordPress Plugin Nulled Download Free
Featured Image from URL Premium – WordPress Plugin Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Featured Image from URL Premium v5.7.7 – WordPress Plugin Free Download
Version 5.7.7 (Latest Version)
Update 30 July, 2022
Category Miscellaneous WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Festingerbhw.com (Vendor: Festingerbhw)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Featured Image From URL is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add an external image, an external video (YouTube / Vimeo / Cloudinary / Tumblr), a slider for external images or shortcode content as a “Featured Image” of your post, your page or a custom post type, such as B. WooCommerce product.

WooCommerce features

  • For Product: external featured image/video/slider
  • For Product Gallery: external images/videos
  • For Product Category: external image/video
  • For Lightbox and Zoom: enable/disable
  • For variable product: variations with external images
  • Compatibility with WP All Import plugin (except product variation)
  • Automatically set an external image to each product category. The image will be chosen among the external product images from that category

Automation features

  • Integration with WP REST API

WP All Import features

  • Accepts a list of URLs delimited by “|”: in this case, the first URL will be considered the featured image/video and the others will be imported to the product gallery or slider
  • Accepts individual URLs: you bind each URL tag/column to a different FIFU Custom Field
  • URL validation: when an image is not found, its URL is not saved (on/off)

Performance features

  • External Thumbnails: when you upload an image to Flickr (this feature requires your external images are hosted there), it automatically creates copies of that image in many different sizes. Then the plugin will handle the main URL to provide the image in the exactly size your site needs and it will be loaded many times faster
  • Lazy Load of images/videos at home/shop page (on/off)

External post features

  • Auto set the first image as Featured Image (on/off)
  • Hide the first image from content (on/off)
  • Overwrite the existing external featured image (on/off)
  • Button to apply these settings to all posts/pages
  • Schedule an event to set all first images as featured images. So it can run hourly, daily etc

Sharing features

  • Social tags (on/off)
  • Video features
  • Size settings
  • Auto play/pause on mouse over/out (on/off)
  • Allows player parameters for YouTube videos
  • Video thumbnail as Featured Image on home/shop (on/off)

Slider features

  • Fade effect (on/off)
  • Pause autoplay on hover (on/off)
  • Show prev/next buttons (on/off)
  • Start to play automatically (on/off)
  • Time between each transition (in ms)
  • Transition duration (in ms)

Style features

  • Crop all images to the same size on home/shop (on/off)
  • CSS Style
  • Define a default external featured image to be shown when there is no featured image
  • Featured image in content: for themes that don’t use featured image on post/page (on/off)
  • Hide featured media on post/page (on/off)
  • 18 hover effects

Admin features

  • Featured Image column (on/off)



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