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DW Question & Answer Pro v1.2.8 – WordPress Plugin Free Download

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DW Question & Answer Pro - WordPress Plugin Free Download
DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Plugin Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Plugin v1.2.8 Free Download
Version 1.2.8 (Latest Version)
Update 10 June, 2021
Category Codecanyon Forums WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Codecanyon (Vendor: designwall)
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DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Plugin is a popular question and answer plugin for WordPress. Your WordPress site will have a fully functional question and answer area like StackOverflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers.


DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Plugin Features: –

Question listing page

DW Question & Answer Pro provides you with a short code that allows you to view all the questions on a page of your choice. In addition, the page with the question listing is equipped with many functions such as filters, sorting, pagination, search, etc.

Question form

You can set up the question form in a sidebar or on a separate page. This feature allows users to set the title question, provide detailed descriptions using HTML or Markdown, assign it to a category and tag it to increase the visibility of the page.

Manage questions in the front-end

All functions (such as edit, delete, stick, follow, change question status) can be operated from the front-end. This makes it easier to decentralize membership rights on your website and allows you to manage the community in a simple and convenient way.

Reply / comment function

Comment and answer functions are available in DW Question & Answer Pro is definitely indispensable. The response form is supported in HTML or Markdown format. Your user can submit an entry in private mode to provide sensitive credentials such as website administrator or FTP account in case you are using the Q&A as a help desk system.


This is also a key feature in a Question & Answer System, which is considered to be the biggest difference between the Q & A system and the traditional forum can be viewed. This feature helps people vote for other people’s questions that interest them.

Views count

There is no need to install an additional plugin, DW Question & Answer Pro automatically counts the views when someone looks at the question. This feature of DW Question & Answer Pro helps you filter questions based on their popularity on your website.

Select the best answer

The owner of the question can choose the best answer at his own discretion, this answer is stuck directly after the question and helps other readers to find the right answer quickly and easily.

Email notifications

If there is a new question, answer or comment, the system sends an email to the administrators or to the questioners. DW Question & Answer Pro Email System also supports custom HTML template that you can easily add custom style to your emails.

Instant Search

This is also a standout feature of DW Question & Answer Pro. The Ajax-based solution helps you to quickly search for information while typing parts of your text, similar to Google.

Anti-spam through reCaptcha / FunCaptcha

To avoid spam, we are integrating reCaptcha and FunCaptcha into the question and answer form (it can be switched on and off).

2 own shortcodes

  • [dwqa-list-questions]: Show list of questions with filter, search, pagination, order.
  • [dwqa-ask-question]: Display the “Ask a question” form.

7 custom widgets

  • DWQA Categories / Tags: Displays a list of question categories or tags.
  • DWQA question form: Show question form.
  • DWQA Recent Questions: View a list of the latest questions.
  • DWQA Featured Questions: View a list of featured questions.
  • DWQA Closed Questions: Shows a list of closed questions.
  • DWQA Related Questions: View a list of related questions for a single question.
  • DWQA ranking: Shows a list of the most active members.

Perfectly suitable for any WordPress theme

With a light and simple design that has inherited most of the attributes of the WordPress themes available on the market such as Twenty Ten to Twenty Sixteen, Avada, Genesis, Thesis, Divi, etc. We tested this plugin with almost prominent themes on the marketplace, and our plugin works well with most of them. For a few specific themes it might take a few adjustments to fully integrate our QA Pro plugin, but this should only be a small adjustment.

Multilingual support (20+ languages available)

This plugin is fully translatable and this plugin has been translated to 20+ language by our users. Including: English (default), Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Italian, Croatian, Slovakia, Norwegian, etc.



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