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Divi 4.0.11 The Most Popular WordPress Theme Free Download

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Divi WordPress Theme Nulled Download Free
Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme

Divi Theme Free Download
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Type Wordpress Theme (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Divi 4.0.11 The Most Popular WordPress Theme (Elegant Themes)
Version 4.0.11 (Latest Version)
Update 02 January, 2020
Demo Divi Theme Demo
Category Divi Multipurpose Theme (Elegant Themes)
Selling Platform Elegant Themes (Vendor: Elegantthemes)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, Free Download from Google Drive, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Crack

Divi WordPress Theme is the most popular & most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world. Divi is not just a theme. Actually, it is a website building framework which make helps you to design stunning website without a single line of code and without installing dozens of supporting plugins. Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme is a complete package and it is the future of WYSIWYG.



Hover State Styling

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme provides stunning hover effects options and makes your website interactive and beautiful. Divi’s hover option interface is very easy to use.

Responsive Editing

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme allows you to create responsive websites with ease. By default Divi is responsive but it also provides you advanced options to control every design setting on each mobile device. It allows you to set appearance of each element on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Text & Font Styling

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme comes with a full range of options for text & font styling. You can pick from hundreds of fonts and even upload your own. Easily Control text size, letter spacing, line height, font weight and text styling. 

Shape Dividers

Add custom shapes and effects to your site. You can add shape dividers above and below each section and easily build stunning transition effects on different parts of your website.

Border Options

With Divi’s border editor, you can add borders to any element. Create rounded corners and control border colors, size, styles and add unique effects.

Transform Controls and Effects

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme empowers you with the capability that is only possible with graphic design application like Photoshop, GIMP, Sketch etc. You can move & scale elements up and down, rotate on 3 different axis, and skew them with ease using super slick interface.

Advanced Code Editing

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme has fully-featured code editor. You will find it very enjoyable and easy to write and edit the code using code editor. Features include syntax highlighting, auto-complete, error finding, multi-line selection, color-picking, search, find, replace and so on.

Filters & Effects

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme includes many filters and effects such as Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Blur, Opacity, Sepia, and invert. You can adjust and enhance the appearance of any element using these filters and effects and give your site a stunning look.

Drop Shadows

Divi allows you to add custom drop shadows. You can control the size, color and intensity of shadow.

Text Shadows

You can use text shadows and give stunning effects to your textual content. You can even create your own custom text shadows and apply them to any element using Divi’s simple presets.


Divi’s animation presets enables you to add animation to any element. Build your own animation by customizing the animation type, speed and direction and give your visitors the happiness of a stunning website.

Background colors, gradients, images and videos

With Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme, you can apply custom background color, gradients, images and also videos to any element. Merge colors & images to create unique designs and create fun overlapping gradients and image effects.

Multi-Select & Bulk Editing

Divi’s multi select option is awsome. You can select multiple elements by pressing Ctrl key on your keyboard and then edit all of those selected elements. You can change their style or move them to different locations as a group.

Find & Replace Styles

With Divi The Ultimate WordPress Theme, you can save lot of time using find & replace feature. It allows you to change any design value such as fonts or colors across the entire page or withing desired locations, instead of changing each element individually. Just find and replace.

Magic Color Manager

Divi automatically remembers and stores recently applied color for easy access. Divi also provides you a unique extended color pallet that gives you a range of suggested colors.

Copy & Paste Styles

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme has the amazing feature of copying and pasting styles across the elements. You can easily copy styles from one element and paste it onto another.

Extend Your Styles

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme has the funtionality to extend the design styles across the entire website. If you have a design style and you want to use the same on other locations of the page, you can simply extend the design style automatically to those locations.

Divi Quick Actions

With Divi Quick Action system, quickly jusm to different parts with few keystrokes. You can even jump to different pages and different WordPress admin areas. It is super fast and time saver.

Drag, Drop and Upload

There is no need to use the WordPress media library. With Divi, you can easily upload media files easily onto your page using drag & drop feature. It is easy and time saving.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Divi The Ultimate WordPress Theme comes with a wide rang of keyboard shortcuts. You can speed up your work flow with these keyboard shortcuts.

Quick Access to Element Styling

Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme comes with many design settings. Divi also makes it easy to search & filter these settings and to quickly jump to your already modified settings.

Searchable Settings

Divi settings are searachable. You can just type and search your desired settings on ‘settings pop-up window’.

Filterable Settings

Divi settings are filterable also. You can trim down the results by applying different search filters and find what you are looking for.


Other Prominent Features:-

  • WooCommerce ready
  • Sell your products
  • Build Product Layouts with Divi’s WooCommerce Modules
  • Pricing Table
  • Email Opt-in Provider Support
  • Contact Form Building
  • Social Following
  • Quick Page Creation
  • A Fluid & Intuitive Interface
  • History, Auto Saves & Browser Backups
  • Save, Import & Export Elements
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Post & Product Template Builder
  • Global Website Styles
  • Browse Documentation, Get Technical Support, and Enable Remote Access With a Single Click
  • Set Custom User Roles And Permissions For Your Team Or Clients
  • Easy Theme Setup And Full Theme Control With The Divi Theme Options
  • 32 Languages support
  • Divi The Most Popular WordPress Theme comes with Premium Support.

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