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Divi Ghoster v5.0.33 [Elegant Themes] Free Download

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Divi Ghoster [Elegant Themes] Free Download
Divi Ghoster WordPress Plugin Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Divi Ghoster v5.0.33 [Elegant Themes] Free Download
Version 5.0.33 (Latest Version)
Update 01 Dec, 2021
Category Divi [Elegant Themes] WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Elegantthemes.com (Vendor: Elegant Themes)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

With Divi Ghoster you can customize all Divi-related aspects of your site. Change the colors of the various builders in the back end to match your own, hide different Elegant Themes sections such as the Theme Options, Products Tour and Premade Layouts, and disguise all Divi related plugins including Divi Ghoster itself.

Use the Divi Ghoster plugin to add even more on-brand elements to a website. From customizing the login page, login URL and custom dashboard, to hiding the WordPress icon and footer, this multi-functional plugin will help you turn a WordPress website into a completely on-brand experience.


Divi Ghoster Features: –

Add custom branding to hide all traces of Divi or Extra your website

Add your own custom branding and make the Divi or Extra theme invisible. Whether someone inspects the front end or logs into the back end, they won’t find any trace of either theme in use.

Take over the Divi or Extra theme and rebrand it as your own

  • Replace the default Divi or Extra theme name with your or your client’s brand name
  • Change the author name and add a branded image to rebrand the Divi theme completely
  • Rebrand the Divi Builder itself to match your custom brand name. The Divi Builder will still be available and will function as per usual, branded as either your or your client’s builder
  • All future updates will appear as updates to your custom branded theme with no mention of Elegant Themes, Divi, or Extra

Enable Ultimate Ghoster to hide prominent Divi or Extra theme features

With the Ultimate Ghoster feature, you can choose to hide even more Divi or Extra related sections from your site. By simply selecting a checkbox, you can decide whether to display or hide the Premade Layouts, Product Tours and more. Ultimate Ghoster also lets you hide Divi-related plugins such as Divi Switch, Divi Bars and Divi Booster, as well as the Divi Ghoster plugin itself. To access Ghoster you will need to use a specified link (provided within the plugin’s dashboard) or a keyboard shortcut (NEW!).

Your clients will have no idea that you’ve used Divi or Divi plugins to build their site.

Hide Divi-specific sections from the back end

With Divi Ghoster, you can hide various sections of the Divi menu that are of no use to your client. Through Ultimate Ghoster, you can choose to enable or disable multiple menu items in the Divi menu such as the Divi Theme Options, Theme Builder, Theme Customizer, Role Editor Page, Divi Library or Support Center Page.

Work seamlessly with Divi and Extra child themes

Divi Ghoster is compatible with both the Divi and Extra theme, as well as respective child themes. Whether you choose to build your site with either Elegant Themes product, rest assured knowing that your site will be cloaked as per normal, even if you’re running a child theme.

Become undetectable in website source code

Divi Ghoster lets you change theme and plugin path names with ease. Should someone inspect your website’s source code, the Divi or Extra theme will not reflect; instead, your custom path text will display.

Custom style the colors of the Divi Builder

Change the default Divi branding colors to match your own. Simply enter the various hex codes of your or your clients brand colors and turn the Divi Builder into another branded section. Your custom colors will reflect in the Divi Builder’s front and back end builders, Divi Theme Options, Theme Builder Page, and even Role Editor pages.

Hide Divi or Extra from most WordPress theme detector tools

With Divi Ghoster enabled, theme detectors and devices will not display the Divi or Extra theme, rather they will display as no theme detected. Curious onlookers will be baffled as they won’t be able to figure out what’s in your web development toolkit.

Hide WordPress menu items from the Dashboard

To prevent your clients from making unnecessary edits to their site that may result in problems, Divi Ghoster lets you hide various items from the WordPress menu. With a simple checkbox, you can decide to enable or disable the Appearance, Settings, Tools, Projects, Plugins or Updates menu items.

Hide the WordPress Logo and Footer

If you want to take your stealth tactics a bit further and disguise your use of WordPress in development, Divi Ghoster will hide the default WordPress logo and also remove the ‘Thank you for creating with WordPress’ footer at the bottom of each page. You can also hide the default widgets that display on the dashboard for an uncluttered and user-friendly interface for your clients.

Hide the Default Dashboard Widgets

Customize your dashboard page with few clicks, including hiding default widgets. This feature is quick and easy to use and makes your dashboard clean and more user friendly for your clients!

Create a custom dashboard with the Divi Builder

Customizing the WordPress dashboard is a great way to add your personal touch to a site build. With Divi Ghoster, you can use the familiar Divi Builder to create a page layout and then set it as the dashboard custom screen. This is perfect for giving your clients direction, training them, helping them navigate the back end, or offering them ways to get in touch with you. We’ve included four awesome layouts that you can use for the WordPress dashboard within the Divi Ghoster plugin download package. Simply load these layouts to your site and set them as the dashboard welcome screen. It couldn’t be easier!

Create a custom login URL

Through the Divi Ghoster plugin, you can change the default login URL to custom text of your choice. Not only is this great for disguising WordPress and adding another branded aspect to a site, but it adds a deeper layer of security against hackers searching for the default wp-login or wp-admin page.

Design a custom login experience for the WordPress login page

Divi Ghoster’s built-in Login Customizer lets you redesign the login page so that it becomes another brand contact point. With the Login Customizer, you can replace the WordPress logo with your own, add a background image or change the background color, change the look and feel of the details entry box and update various text display styles.

Save time by importing and exporting Divi Ghoster settings

To help you save time, Divi Ghoster’s settings can easily be exported into a JSON file and then imported into a new site build. This saves you from having to reconfigure plugin settings for each new site installation so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

Intuitive and easy to use

Divi Ghoster is extremely easy to set up and use. The plugin’s interface is uncluttered and uncomplicated, offering straightforward setting options that include helpful hints for a carefree configuration.



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