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Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash v2.16.0 Free Download

by FreeGPL
Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash Nulled Download Free
Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash v2.16.0 Free Download
Version 2.16.0 (Latest Version)
Update 07 June, 2021
Category LearnDash WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Escapecreative.com (Vendor: EscapeCreative)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Better LearnDash styles. 100+ customizable options. Improve your LearnDash design today.


Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash 100+ Options in the Customizer

  • 18 options for the LearnDash Course Grid add-on
  • 10+ options for Course Navigation
  • 10+ options for Focus Mode, including an edge-to-edge content width for using page builders
  • 10+ options for the Login/Registration popup
  • Show/Hide various course features
  • Custom URL for “Edit Profile” link
  • Custom complete color for icons & completion status
  • Striped, animated, rounded & square progress bars
  • Primary & secondary button colors
  • Enable/Disable “Expand/Collapse” features in multiple places
  • Customize borders & background colors on course content lists
  • Show/Hide profile info, avatar, course search, quizzes, assignments & more on the LD Profile
  • Read below for even more features.

Course Grid Design

  • Equal height grid items & no more weird spacing or floating issues
  • Custom borders, shadows & square or rounded corners
  • Hover effects including shadow, lift & enlarge
  • 4 different types of ribbon colors (paid courses, free courses, already enrolled & custom ribbons)
  • Course category dropdown styles, including width, background color, border radius & padding

Course Navigation

  • Show all topics/quizzes (remove expandable arrows)
  • Text, background & hover colors
  • Section background & text colors
  • Customize or remove line separators
  • Focus Mode sidebar background color

Custom Progress Bars

  • Choose your container & bar color
  • Rectangular or rounded corners
  • Adjust the bar height
  • Add stripes or choose a custom color
  • Add a smooth animation on each page load
  • Hide “X/Y steps” and/or “% Complete” language

Course Content Lists

  • Disable “expand/collapse”
  • “Course Content” header background
  • “Course Content” header text color
  • Hide “Course Content” header
  • Add a boxed container
  • Set container background & border styles
  • Rounded or square edges (inherits global border radius)
  • Highlight rows on hover
  • Section background & text colors
  • “Lesson Content” header background & text colors
  • Remove “Lesson Content” header
  • Topic line separator color
  • Indent topics

Course Grid Add-On

  • Equal height columns (automatically applied)
  • Grid Items: Border width, color & radius
  • Grid Items: Box shadow
  • Grid Item Hover Effects: Shadow, lift & enlarge
  • Ribbon background & text colors: Default, enrolled, free & custom ribbons
  • Category Dropdown Selector: Width, background, border radius & padding

Progress Bar

  • Striped or solid color design
  • Container color
  • Bar color
  • Round or square edges
  • Bar height
  • Smooth animation on page load
  • Hide “X/Y steps”
  • Hide “% Complete”

Course Navigation

  • Auto-expand all topics & quizzes
  • Topic/Quiz indentation
  • Add strikethrough to completed items
  • Text color
  • Hover: text & background color
  • Lesson text, border & background colors
  • Section text & background colors
  • Remove (or customize) topic line separators

Focus Mode

  • Edge-to-edge content width (for page builders)
  • Animate content on page load
  • Content background color
  • Hide page title
  • Hide breadcrumbs
  • Hide bottom buttons
  • Hide “back to course” link
  • Avatar Style: circle or square
  • Header: Custom user display name
  • Header: Hide avatar
  • Header: Hide name
  • Dropdown Menu: Background & text colors
  • Sidebar: Background color
  • Course Heading: Background color
  • Course Heading: Text color


  • Overlay color & opacity
  • Popup modal border width & color
  • Close icon color
  • Login panel background, text & heading colors
  • Register panel background, text & heading colors
  • Login & Register form <input> styles
  • Login Panel: Remove logo & description text
  • Register Panel: Remove description & email confirmation text

LearnDash Profile

  • Hide Sections: user info, statistics, your courses
  • Custom URL for “Edit Profile” link
  • Hide “Edit Profile” link
  • Your Courses: Disable “expand/collapse”
  • Disable Search
  • Summary: background & text colors
  • Summary layout: stacked or horizontal
  • Stats layout: stacked or horizontal
  • Square, circular or rounded avatar
  • Custom avatar size
  • Hide avatar
  • Hide each individual statistic
  • Hide quizzes, essays and/or assignments (within the “Your Courses” area)

General Design

  • Global border radius
  • Link & link hover color
  • Correct/Complete color (for icons & completion status)
  • Alerts: Background, text & icon colors
  • Alerts: Small or large size
  • Alerts: Hide icons


  • Choose a global button border radius
  • Primary button color & text
  • Secondary button color & text
  • Hover styles for both primary & secondary buttons


  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Border radius inherits global setting

Course Page

  • Status: Background & text color
  • Status: Border width & color
  • Status: Hide individual columns (status, price & action)
  • Status: Hide column labels



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