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Best Free Survey/Poll Plugins For WordPress

by FreeGPL

Best Free Survey/Poll WordPress Plugins


Want to collect data from your visitors and looking for the best plugin? Our article is for you! We’ll introduce you to seven super features – with and without money /free and premium/. If you’re looking for information through pop-ups, or you want to embed plain text polls in your posts, as well as create video polls, then this article will be useful for you.

Let’s get started!

In our list, we’ll introduce you to both completely free and premium plugins for WordPress. However, if you want to run basic polls with no special requirements, you can probably use a free poll plugin. But if you need to have more advanced functionality and detailed data, you’ll need to pay for a premium plugin. Then you’ll probably want one of the premium survey plugins.


1. YOP Poll

YOP Poll plugin is a very popular free version of WordPress that is available on WordPress.org. There is also a Pro version that has additional functionality. With it, you can create a myriad of polls, complete with different options. A tip from us: plan your surveys well to get started with a really good project. If you want to collect additional information from your visitors, you can add custom fields of your own. You can also decide and select who can complete your surveys, including setting your options to restrict from registered users, cookies, IP addresses, etc. Deny access to your surveys to people who misuse them. Yop Pool allows you to create several different types of surveys based on the type of responses you expect to collect. For example, if you want to create text surveys you can allow one response from the options listed, you can allow anyone who completes it to give their own answer in a blank field, or choose more than one answer.

The interface for creating a poll is very simple – just click and type: poll interface. Very easily, just by dragging and dropping into a box, you can rearrange your questions and answers for your poll. And with the Pro version you can even create photos or video polls. If, at the end of the poll, you don’t like it visually, you can always customize it with a color to your liking. Super, isn’t it!

2. GetSiteControl

If you are looking for a set of “widgets” GetSiteControl is your plugin. It can be added to your block in several ways : –

via popups,

floating bar



All the extras can be very useful to you, like including emails. Using the simple GetSiteControl interface, you can easily create a survey widget that asks one or more questions. You can use and place this survey wherever you want on the web. However, if you wish to embed your survey in publication or page, GetSiteControl is not a good option.

With GetSiteControl you can also schedule, get information on how often your poll is visited, who sees your poll /e.g. hide poll after user submits their answer or which page(s) of the poll is displayed. If you use the paid version of GetSiteControl, you get many targeting options such as location, widget, referrer, etc. Do you like GetSiteControl? If yes then it’s a really convenient and effective way to collect feedback from your visitors.

3. Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is another polling plugin on WordPress.org that comes in both free and premium versions. It’s great because they mainly help with mobile design, which is very important. Another reason that makes it great is that even the free version can create text polls, image polls, and video polls. You can also choose whether to allow single or multiple voting, and if/where to display poll results once the user submits their choice. While the overall interface for creating polls isn’t complicated and is flexible enough, YOP Poll is a bit easier to use and navigate.

The free Responsive Poll is quite generous. However, if you want to change and influence the style, you’ll need the premium version, which will give you a few more style options. The free version offers 18 different themes, but doesn’t give you control over the colors or font. The pro version does.

4. Democracy Poll

Democracy Poll is a great, lightweight plugin that is 100% free and available on WordPress.org. If you want to create a not very complicated and simple poll, this is your plugin as there is nothing extra, just exactly what you need.

Although it is lightweight and completely free, it is not to be underestimated. It will give you the following options: whether to allow people to add their own answers or choose multiple answers, will allow people to change their votes, reports poll results in real time.

5. WPForms

If you’re using a premium forms plugin, you may already have access to a great WordPress poll plugin. WPForms includes an add-on for special polls and polls its premium version.



If you just want something free and lightweight, Democracy Poll is the right plugin. Choose YOP Poll if you want a little more functionality.

GetSiteControl is also a great free option if you’re okay with the widget approach (embedding polls in your content with shortcodes instead).

And if you’re already using a premium forms plugin, it’s best to stick with the surveys plugin with the forms plugin, if available.

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