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10+ Best Platforms to Host a Website for Free

by FreeGPL


Below is a list of free website hosting options. Some of these options have certain restrictions while others are better adaptable. We have created websites with each of these hosting platforms, so we can help you decide which option for your website is the best.

Free Website Hosting Options

In no particular order, here is a list of places where you can host a free website.

These free website options can distinguish greatly. In order to facilitate the decision, we have divided each option into the following categories:

  • Customizability
  • Technical difficulty 
  • Hosting limitations
  • Whether or not you can make a blog
  • Whether or no there is unremovable branding

Let’s look at each one of these categories below.


As you can see, Google Sites, Google My Business and Carrd are among the least customizable options while using Wix, Github Pages and Google Cloud Platform have the greatest flexibility in designing your website.

Well, if you are looking for a simple landing page or just a simple page website for your business, then honestly any of these options will work for you, but if you want several pages with a certain layout and color scheme, then I would take that into consideration.

Technical Difficulty

You’ll definitely notice a correlation between customizability and difficulty because you’ll see that Google Sites, Google My Business, and Carrd are predictably amongst the most beginner-friendly ways to host a free website, but you’ll also notice that Blogger and Wix made the cut for being beginner-friendly.

The two most technically difficult free hosting options to work with that require a solid understanding of HTML and web development are the Google Cloud Platform and GitHub pages.

Hosting Limitations

They say nothing in life is truly free, and that’s somewhat the case for about half of these websites.

The options on the left have some sort of monthly bandwidth limitation, storage limitation, or prevent you from accessing all of their premium features without paying, while the options on the right are genuinely, 100% free without any restrictions.


Some of these options place an unremovable watermark or some sort of advertisement on all of your pages.

With the five options on the left, you can safely host your website on their platform for free and your visitors won’t know the difference, whereas the options on the right embed an unremovable link and/or logo on your websites in exchange for using their free hosting,

Here’s an example of what these branding watermarks and advertisements look like.


Not all hosting options have blogging functionality.

You can write blog posts on any of the options except for Google My Business, Google Sites, GitHub Pages, and Carrd as these hosting platforms do not offer blogging functionality.


Here is a table that summarizes everything from above.

As an example, if you consider yourself a beginner but you want complete control over the layout of your website, then Wix might be the right choice for you; however, if you don’t want Wix branding to show up on your site, then Weebly is going to be your best choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for blogging functionality without any limitations whatsoever, then Blogger will be your best bet.

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